Ecosys FS-9530DN (A3)

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Ecosys FS-9530DN (A3).jpg
FS-9530DN (A3)2.jpg

Ecosys FS-9530DN (A3)

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FS-9530DN (A3)


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PART #1102G12US0

Monochrome – Large Workgroup/Heavy Duty

Mono 51 ppm, 600mhz, Duplex Unit

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Wonderfully fast and reliable, this printer also comes with a highly functional modular design that large departments need to get the entire job done. And with a print speed of 51pages per minute in A4, the Kyocera FS-9530DN can handle large print volumes faster than you thought.

  • 51 pages per minute in A4, 26 pages per minute in A3

  • 128 MB memory standard, upgradeable to 640 MB

  • Duplex and network connectivity as standard

  • 100 department codes to track and control printer use

  • High volume paper options and versatile finishing features

  • Long-life components and easy maintenance

Engine speed

Up to 51/26 pages per minute A4/A3 simplex; up to 37/17 pages (18/8 sheets) per minute A4/A3 duplex


1,200 dpi quality (1,800 x 600)

Dimensions (W x D x H)

Main unit: 599 x 646 x 615 mm


Truck LTL Freight- Please Call (954)396-3000